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10 Top Secrets to increase your SEO by your own:



Search Engine Optimization has  been named as the biggest priorities by most of the companies worldwide in 2019, which is understandable because the greatest marketing challenge of all businesses is «An Evergreen SEO Task», increasing their Web Traffic. Two third of the companies that want to grow their SEO are Small Businesses and Start Ups. 

Becoming skilled at SEO isn’t easy, and that’s why getting the proper guidance is always useful. Google’s algorithm keeps modifying, that is why, you have to keep on monitoring and continuously updating your SEO tactics. Our agency can provide you with the effortless experience of a Genuine Online Marketing SEO Campaign

SEO is one the best ways to be seen online in front of your real audience that is why all businesses want to rank on the first page. The question is how small business can compete for these slots. Well, SEO is technically free but it takes a lot of time to get there or money to hire a SEO expert to help you get there. So, on this post I really want to tell you what the biggest difference makers are that you can do by your own or with a SEO specialist but won’t be costly. Here, I got the 10 best SEO tips that you can implement by your own or with minimal help to improve your ranking. Let’s get started!

1. First, let's talk about setting up a SEO Local Campaign.


A local business must be greatly visible on the internet, not having a web that’s optimized appropriately, or having one that’s missing the precise information, will merely mean that potential clients will visit your competitor. If you still don’t have an Optimized Web you can read more about our Agency Services, we offer you free audit and free quote.

Search engine usage has been on an upward vogue. Your minimum unconditional target has to be getting on that first page. Clearly, the higher up the page you are, the better, but just getting onto the front page for your intended Content will prove to be influential. If you still have problems getting there, our specialist can make changes on your keywords density, SEO local account and more.

It’s strictly means “local” in terms of current location when talking about local SEO because consumers tend to look closer to home if a substantial amount of choices are within reach. Contact us. 

2. Now, let's talk about being Mobile SEO friendly.


For you to now, 50% of the searches right now come from mobile devices and Google has been penalizing those sites that are not responsive, they even penalize on desktop if your site isn’t mobile friendly. So, you really want to make sure that you are ready to go on mobile. You can test you on Mobile-friendly Google Web (see image below), you type in your domain and hit RUN TEST. It’s quickly, is a pass or failure test. If your website doesn’t pass, it will give you some tips that you and your developer can fix.


All online businesses need to make sure that their digital content can be shown properly from a smartphone while also utilizing the diverse SEO practices in place for mobile content. It’s projected by stats that in 2020 the amount of mobile phone will reach 2.87 billion and at the end of 2019, Mobile commerce revenue in the USA will be $693.36 billion. If you didn’t know how important is to be Mobile Friendly, we are here to help. At Genuine Online Marketing, Web development and design is responsive, which means, it’s made for all Smart devices and SEO practices, see What do we offer?

3. Next point is related, SEO Web Load Speed.


The average load time of a web page is 3.21 seconds. If wonder how fast is your website, you can follow these instructions. Just type your domain like in the picture below, and click on START TEST. The result gives you a grade letter but the most important information is the speed. If it’s within 3 seconds you passed, 3-5 seconds means that you are in the limit, and more than 5 seconds you are penalized. Basically, anyone is going to leave your web if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Google knows in average how long your page takes to load and if it doesn’t load on time, this will affect your web ranking on search engine results pages or search engine results pages or SERP. In case, you need to improve your Website speed, Genuine Online Marketing can assist you, just leave us a message here.

Website Load Speed

4. Now, let's talk about "researching your competitors".


Spy your competitors. What keywords are your competitors ranking for, what are they doing? Hire us, Genuine Online Marketing Agency has many different tools; thus, you don’t have to subscribe to these services for a higher rate and our firm takes care of the entire Marketing Strategy.  Among the social media tools you can use for free, there are two well known:

  • Klear: It’s a fantastic social listening, influencer tracking, and competitor research tool that lets you scope out your competition on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The free version provides limited data and searches compared to the full plan, but you still get useful information. After you sign up for Klear, you’re ready to start researching a competitor’s social profiles. In the Social Profiles section, simply enter the competitor’s name in the search box and use the autocomplete feature to select the competitor you’re researching.

  • Facebook Insights: Facebook’s Pages to Watch feature is a great tool for keeping an eye on your biggest competition over time. You have access to this feature if your Facebook, it has at least 100 likes. To find Pages to Watch (assuming your page meets the criterion), go to your Facebook page and click the Insights tab. In the Overview section, scroll down to Pages to Watch.

If you want further assistance, we’ll be glad to help. Contact us!


Google loves brands, so is going to start seeing you as a brand. Subscribe to all social networks that emphatize with; like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Make sure your profile is filled out with photos as complete as possible.

SEO takes time to develop results, although people think it happens overnight. This is something that has to be worked incessantly to achieve the results you want. At GOM, we have the time and experience to help you reach your business marketing goals and the most important you save money and get measurable results with our services.

People often use these platforms to look for feedback on a business or product. It’s extremely important not just being there but also knowing how to manage social media for business, we are here to help grow your business.

Many people feel that companies with a social media presence are more modern and up to date on new technology. There’s also a sense that these companies are open to interactions with potential customers, which helps build confidence in their brand.

Our Social Media managers use the power of social networks to build your credibility, engagement and brand awareness. See our Social Media Marketing and Advertising Services onWhat do we offer.

6. Optimize your landing pages.


What you don’t want is a big wall of text. No one likes reading too much on a web. People mostly scan, not read. You need to make it optimized and accessible for those people. So, you’re going to use a lot of images and proper web formatting, which is, using headlines, short paragraphs, bullet points and bold within the text and imagery to really highlight important pieces of information. Interactive content is becoming increasingly effective to engage with page visitors. Let us help you designing strategis landing pages for users to engage with your business.

If there are images and motion on your site’s landing pages, you’re 53% more likely to show up on Google’s first page: Video content, as well as images, are viewed more favorably from a SEO viewpoint, but only if you optimize them correctly. Make sure the video and images don’t compromise your website speed load, one of our SEO specialists will help you optimize your web performance. Read more.

7. Optimize content and keywords per page.


According to the latest keyword statistics, it’s clear that people are more likely to search by asking a question or making a statement than just use individual keywords. This approach involves what is known as long-tail keywords, and not including them in your SEO strategy means you are missing out on 50% of the total number of searches. Obviously, you don’t want to be ignored half of the time, we’ll help you double your leads, see what do we offer about content.

Generally you have a topic per page and you don’t need to repeat the same keywords many times on the same pages. Basically, Google knows the keywords that you should use according to the topic and the industry service. So, Google wants to determine if you are going in deep with page content, which means, if you are using all the keywords you are expected to cover by topic. You need go to Lsigraph web page, like in the illustration below. Type in the keyword phrase you want to rank for and it’s going to give you a list of related words that you probably use in your niche or for your page topic.

Content per page

Better content will not only gain more views, but a blog can also be shared, thereby increasing the number of valuable links. Sharing content in this manner has been shown to increase the blog’s traffic significantly, but this only occurs when the content itself is relevant and worth reading. We have a team of specialized content creators, we build internal links on your web, add relevant keywords, relevant images and infographics and the most important all done for a fraction of the average cost in the industry.

Blogs are indeed a valuable marketing asset as they allow a business to better engage with visitors to their website. Each post provides them with the opportunity to go ahead and put across their point of view, descriptions of their products or services, or anything else that they believe will be relevant. Readers will then feel like they’re getting to know the business, improving their confidence in that business’s ability to deliver on its promises. At GOM, we carefully manage content marketing strategy in order to drive engagement and conversions. See our Content Marketing Services on “What do we offer?

8. Optimize search listing.

Optimize searching list

One of the major factors that now, Google takes in account is: “How likely is your page to be clicked in the search?” Thus, there are few things that you can do to make your listing more appealing a much more click worthy. There are basically two things you’ll have to focus on, there are the tittle and Meta description. First, with your tittle, you don’t want to waste your time using your city or your business name; you have to use power or action words and keywords. You’re going to try to convey a benefit whenever possible. For example: Instead of “Office Remodeling – Chicago”. You can use “Office Remodeling Brings Luxury Within Reach”, there you have two messages Luxury which implies remodeling and Reach which means low cost or easy. Then, we have the Meta description which should be a short statement to persuade the people to click on your listing. There, instead of writing that your company has 50 years of experience, which may send the message that you can overcharge them; you can write: “When it comes to your company, you can trust office remodeling to bring your vision of comfort – on time, on budget, guaranteed”. This is a much more compelling listing, much more because you are conveying benefits and not arbitrary things like what city you live in.


I recommend you to start linking your content internally, when you thing it make sense. Of course you’re going to have links to your main navigation. But I want you to step further and add in contacts links to the text on your website and these links should have descriptive encrypt text, just the text of the actual words they linked at. For instant, if you have a catering company, on your main page you have the words “wedding catering packages” and you just link these words to your wedding catering packages page by doing this you are giving signals to Google about what that page is about which helps it ranks higher over the time. The more you link internally pages throughout your site the more benefits you’re going to see from there.

Being in the top five positions on Google or being on the second page is so close that getting the correct link-building strategy can make a huge difference. Also, your competition is constantly working on building their links. Thus, you have to do best, or you’ll be left behind. Part of the essence is that our agency identifies what links are highly performing and which ones are barely working. We are continuously and carefully modifying to move up your ranking on search engine results pages and keep you there. We put emphasis on quality not quantity, at at low risk and high benefits. Contact us.

Link Building

They are becoming less and less over ranking over the time but the thing is that they are still important, so far they are necessary to use. The number of links you are going to need depends on how competitive your industry is and your local area, so you may need just a couple or you may need a lot.

Get your website listed on all local businesses directories: every area or city has its own directories even by industry type. Basically, you shouldn’t miss any opportunity. It helps your SEO because it helps Google see that you are there and that you are a real business. The benefit is that all of them will provide you with a backlink to your website, they help you build your reputation because they reputable directories. Backlinks are still are a huge ranking factor in the eyes of Google. Basically, thinking that every directory will provide a vote to your website and the overall score will be your Quality Score; and, they are free. Getting listed on directories will also help you rank higher in the Google maps. Follow the image below.



Mastering the best SEO practices is truly time consuming and requires experience as well as getting measurable results. That is why we offer you our assistance. When talking about your business, Genuine Online Marketing is the perfect solution within reach!

Now, we want to hear from you. We want to know if you are using any of these tactics or if you are using other SEO strategies for being seen on search engine results pages. Please, leave all your comments and related questions below or subscribe. Thank you so much for reading. Until soon!


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